Begin first with a key question....

How valuable to you would be the memoir
of your favorite grandparent?

and then.....

Have you considered your memoirs..

for your children, grandchildren and many more to come?

Does it seem like only yesterday that you were falling in love, holding your first child, planning career moves? Time flies so fast! When I reflect back and consider what I have done that will have a truly lasting impact, the list is rather short. My cherished homes, boats, cars, portfolios, titles, etc. will ultimately amount to nothing. The only true values that will survive me are embedded in the memories my loved ones have of the times we shared together.


In successful families these true values bridge the generations and teach the lessons of life. Or they slip away and are lost forever.  We can crystallize those memories in book form including the appropriate pictures. Your memoirs, skillfully written, will become a valued family treasure, a legacy to future generations.

Why your memoirs are important….

   A Sense of History


Your children, grandchildren and untold generations to come will cherish and draw important life lessons from your life story. In ways that can not now be fully appreciated, you will be making an important legacy to future generations.


  Personal Reflection


You will find the process therapeutic. Psychologists agree that an important factor of positive well-being is personal awareness. We all have a strong need to be self-aware, to reflect on the goals and conflicts that shaped our lives. As we review the past we can share lessons learned and be thankful!


  Family Bonding


Your life story will encourage a proud sense of family, a closeness that comes of shared heritage, among the current generations.

And now.....Are You Ready?

The good news is we will do it! Your essential commitments are interviews on a convenient time and decisions on appropriate themes, documents, photographs, etc. Frankly it’s a job I thoroughly enjoy as you can see on the other pages of this website. After being a CPA and college professor I so much more prefer this adventure.....the adventure of creating Your personal memoir. Let’s do it!

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The most wonderful adventure 
of all publishing,
It’s YOUR life journey -
a valued living legacy that will be 
treasured for generations to come.  

Are you considering your Personal Memoir? 
Perhaps you are ready.



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The next key question is: Who is Wade?

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